The Aji's

By Jim (Habanero) Duffy

The Aji's are a family of peppers mostly native to Peru, Ecuador and Chile. But they are also found in other South American countries and Panama. They can be chinense, baccatum or annums. The annum varieties tend to have upfront heat while the others have flavor first with heat at the back end. Used extensively in South and Central American cooking they have a chinense type fruity flavor but much lower heat.
The Aji Amarillo aka Aji Rojo. They
have a nice fruity flavor and good heat,
like that of a Cayenne pepper. More...
Aji Chombo is very hot and used in
most spicy Panamanian dishes. It
is very rare. More...
The Aji Golden is one of the most
productive Aji's. It has a nice fruity
taste and very mild heat. More...
Aji Lemon Drop aka Aji Lemon and
Hot Lemon Drop. Heat level much lower
than average Habaneros but is still hot. More...
The Aji Panca aka Aji Brown grows
very large. It has a rich smoky
flavor. Ideal for makings More...
The Aji Pineapple is a rare variety
It has a slightly Pineapple taste.
Great for a medium sauce or More...
Sugar Rush Peach is very sweet with
citrus tones with a heat close to
that of a habanero. More...