Capsicum chinense Milds

By Jim (Habanero) Duffy

These are habanero types of peppers or Capsicum chinense that have the wonderful flavor but not the heat of this species! They are used to make mild sauces and throughout the Caribbean, Central and South American they are also referred to as cooking or seasoning peppers! The flavor of a very hot pepper with a heat level most will tolerate!
The Venezuelan Tiger is very rare.
They have a mild heat level
and are extremely sweet. More...
Trinidad Perfume has little heat.
Gives off a delicious scent when
used in cooking. More...
Trinidad Pimento aka Trinidad Seasoning
pepper. Almost no heat, great for
mildsauces or salsa. More...
The Sweet Datil is a fruity pepper like
the Datil but with no heat. It Ripens
from green to orange to red. More...
The Habanada pepper produces Tangerine
colored pods about 2 to 3 inches
that resemble smaller but More...
Grenada Seasoning has a sweet fruity
flavor with nice citrus tones with
the fraction of a habanero. More...