Refining Fire Chiles in the Media

Where you can find Jim (Habanero) Duffy and Refining Fire Chiles online

Bhut Jolokia: Refinig Fire Chiles, home to the Bhut Jolokia and other rare and hot chiles

Hydroponic Habaneros Helping Kids-An article about Jim Duffy by the famous Chile and BBQ man Dave De Witt [Click this link]

Rare Trinidad Scorpions-An article about different Trinidad Scorpion chiles at Dave De Witt’s Website. [Click this link]

See the first ever extensive article written about the rare Trinidad 7 Pot pepper. Written by Jim Duffy for
Dave De Witt’s supersite. [Click this link]

A write up on the LA weekly Food blog on Jim Duffy and his chiles. [Click this link]

Dave De Witt and Paul Bosland devote two pages in their new Chile book to Jim Duffy and his chile garden. This is the most complete Chile Pepper book ever written by two of the leading chile experts in the world.

Information on chile species, germinating, growing, harvesting, processing, preserving and cooking. No wonder why it’s called “The Complete Chile Pepper Book”!

Click on the book to order your own copy! Or buy one for your favorite pepper loving friend or relative!