How to Handle Hot Peppers!

IMPORTANT: Please read this for your own safety before handling any hot chiles

First of all thank you for reading this page. It is one of the most important pages on my site. Some of you may already know this information. My purpose in writing this page is making you aware of the dangers of using hot chiles. I want you and your family to be safe. Hot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. It will burn you if it comes in contact with your skin. Since I grow and sell the Hottest chiles a burn from the oils of these chiles can cause injury. Especially the superhot varieties like the Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad 7 Pot.

When handling these chiles use protective gloves. I use a thick leather glove because nitrile and surgical gloves will not stop the oils from penetrating to your hands. So when I deseed my pepper pods I hold the chile with my thick glove on my left hand while using a knife in my right hand. My right hand has double nitrile rubber gloves on it. I do not touch the chile with my right hand. The gloves are on just for accidental brief contact. I use a cutting board for chiles and it is only for chiles. All my utensils are only for chiles. If you must use your utensils for something else wash them with a good dishwashing detergent. Wash your hands even if you think you don't need to. Do not use hot water.

Hot water will cause you to have fumes that will singe your throat and lungs. Also hot water will open up your pores and get all that nice hot capsaicin deep into your skin. If you fry these chiles I suggest using a disposable welding fume respirator. It can be used many times. Open all windows and have your exhaust fan on. Make sure your wife and kids are away or she might file for divorce.

Above all pay attention when working with hot chiles. Don't grab your doorknob or answer the phone with your chile gloves on. Now failure to pay attention to this will give you some hot skin that may feel hot for up to two days!!! If your really lucky and get it in your eyes or genitals you may just get to make a co-pay at the ER instead of going out to the movies. Now if you have children, especially small ones you need to be so vigilant.

Maybe you are tough and can handle hot skin. But I guarantee that a small child will scream and nothing you say will make them feel better. Vinegar can help neutralize it somewhat. Moist bread or clay mud applied topically will absorb some oils and soothe. But again a small child may go crazy and now you will be at the ER answering questions. And depending where you live maybe some nosey nurse calls Child Protection Services and now life really stinks! Are you getting the picture. As a father who has raised 6 children I want you to be aware. Protect yourself and more important your kids from hot peppers.

On a final note. These chile peppers are not for jokes. If you have a friend who knows what they are up against and they take the dare to eat one okay. But do not trick someone into eating one or put it in something to get a reaction. The person you do this to may have an underlying medical condition. And when they experience the heat that surprises them it could be bad. Now you will drive them to the ER with the hope that they won't sue you. Don't joke around with these chiles. Especially the Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad 7 Pot. Now I cannot stop anyone from being stupid.

So if you do play a joke on someone and in some way I find out I will never sell you anything again. Sorry but I love chiles, but I do not grow them so others can get hurt. Please respect my wishes and heed the advice on this page. The photos on this page are fresh seeds from a batch of Naga Morich. Some did get on my wrist. I felt heat on my wrist for 2 days. Painful heat I might add.