Capsicum Frutescens

View all the varieties of peppers that are in the Capsicum Frutescens family. Check them out below.

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The most popular Frutescens is the Tabasco. Most pods of this species are small and pepper pods grow upright. The other popular one we grow is the Peri-Peri or Pili-Pili from South Africa. Also known as the African Bird's Eye. There is very little variation in the pods unlike other species like Annum and Chinense. Other varieties that are popular are the Malagueta from Brazil and the Siling Labuyo from the Philippines. One we are trying to grow now is the Trinidad Bird Pepper.

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Bradley’s Bahamia

Find out about all the different types of Bradley’s Bahamian Peppers. They all fall under the capsicum-frutescens family. This plant grows grows originally in the Bahamas and surrounding Caribbean Islands.

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Find out about all the Peri-Peri or Pili-Pili Peppers. They all fall under the capsicum-frutescens family. Pili Pili means “pepper pepper” in Swahili..

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