Chinense Milds

View all the varieties of peppers that are in the Chinense Milds family. Check them out below.

Trinidad Pimento 4

Capsicum-Chinense Milds

These are habanero types of peppers or Capsicum chinense that have the wonderful flavor but not the heat of this species! They are used to make mild sauces and throughout the Caribbean, Central and South American they are also referred to as cooking or seasoning peppers! The flavor of a very hot pepper with a heat level most will tolerate!

Venzuelan Tiger 3
Venzuelan Tiger 8
Venzuelan Tiger 5
capsicum-chinense (Milds)

Venezuelan Tiger

Find out about all the different types of the Venezuelan Tiger Peppers. They have a mild heat level and are extremely sweet.

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capsicum-chinense (Milds)

Trinidad Perfume

Find out about theĀ Trinidad Perfume Peppers. The Trinidad Perfume is a chile that is related to the hottest peppers in the world but has little heat.

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Trinidad Perfume 5
Trinidad Perfume 10
Trinidad Perfume 4
Trinidad Pimento 8
Trinidad Pimento 10
Trinidad Pimento 2
capsicum-chinense (Milds)

Trinidad Pimento

Find out about the Trinidad Pimento Peppers. The Trinidad Pimento is also known as the Trinidad Seasoning pepper.

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capsicum-chinense (Milds)

Sweet Datil

Find out about the Sweet Datil Peppers. The Datil pepper is a hot habanero type whose origin unknown.

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Sweet Datil 1
Sweet Datil 5
Sweet Datil 4
capsicum-chinense (Milds)


Find out about the Habanada pepper. The Habanada pepper is the work of Professor Michael Mazourek of Cornell University.

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capsicum-chinense (Milds)

Grenada Seasoning

Find out about theĀ Grenada Seasoning peppers. If you want a pepper from the habanero family that has the best flavor a habanero can offer but only a fraction of the heat than this is the one.

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Grenada Seasoning 3
Grenada Seasoning 2
Grenada Seasoning 1