7 Pot Lava Yellow pepper seeds


7 Pot Lava Yellow Chile Seeds

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Lava Yellow-(Capsicum chinense)- This is also called the 7 Pot Lava Yellow. The original is Red colored so this is the Yellow variant. It is a cross between the Moruga Scorpion and the 7 Pot Primo. It was first crossed by a grower named Judy from Tennessee. It has a very high heat level like other Scorpions. The flavor is somewhat citrus fruity. The peppers themselves have Scorpion look to them. It has been around a few years as of 2015. The peppers are pretty uniform and consistent. But expect some variations as it is still a new strain. The 7 Pot Lava Yellow chile plants grow to an average of 3 to 4 feet in height. This Yellow variety seems to carry less heat than the red.