Aji Dulce Red Pepper 10+ Seeds


Aji Dulce Red Pepper Seeds

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Aji Dulce Red-(Capsicum chinense)-The Aji Dulce Red is also known as the Aji Dulce 2. It’s origin is believed to be Venezuela and some of the Caribbean Islands just north of there. It produces habanero type pods that are round but can be blocky shaped with wrinkles in the outer flesh. They r pepperipen from green to red and average an inch in diameter. Depending on growing conditions even larger. The Aji Dulce red have little or no heat and are used as a seasoning pepper in Caribbean cooking. The flavor is fruity sweet with a nice aromatic smell like other mild seasoning types. They are great also for salads or making a fresh mild salsa. The Aji Dulce Red chile plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall.