Aji Margariteno Chile Plants


Aji Margariteno Chile Plants

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Aji Margariteno-(Capsicum chinense)-The Aji Margariteno pepper comes from Venezuela. Similar in looks to the Venezuelan Tiger but is much larger and has a decent habanero heat level. The Aji Margariteno first was offered to others to grow by a man named Lindberg in early 2010’s. Master grower Nigel Carter obtained them back then and shared with Master Gardener and Nature photographer Sandra Tipton. I obtained my seeds from her. The Red variety you see here is the original but genetics has it express a yellow variety that is not as large from time to time. In our 2022 grow we had one plant go Peach color but all others came in a dark red. The Aji Margariteno peppers can weigh over 40 grams but the average is over 30 grams which is huge for a Capsicum chinense species. The flavor is very fruity sweet and the flesh or skin is thick enough that you can stuff these. I have had my friend Clark serve them to me stuffed with chicken and cheese wrapped in bacon. They will make a great sauce or seasoning as well. The Aji Margariteno chile plants can grow over 5 feet tall and require staking or support and are extremely productive.

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