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Ancho Gigantea Pepper Seeds-Poblano Seeds

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Ancho Gigantea-(Capsicum annuum)-Also known as Poblano pepper. Technically these peppers are Poblanos when green and ripe but Anchos when dried and red. The word “Ancho” means wide. The flavor is kind of smoky with some sweetness and the pepper itself is ready for eating between the colors of dark green and finally red. The Ancho Gigantea pepper has a heat level between 1,000 and 3,000 SHU. While dark green they are used for stuffing and roasting. When red and dried they are used to make sauces, soups and meat seasonings. They are one of the most widely used peppers in all of Mexico. Their origin is Puebla region of Mexico. The Ancho chiles are heart shaped and average about 4 inches in length and three inches at its widest part close to the stem. They are very productive and will continue to bear fruit if picked frequently. the Ancho Gigantea chile plants grow up to 2 feet tall.