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Bali Chile Plants

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ATTENTION YOUR ORDER MUST BE 6 OR MORE PLANTS ANY VARIETIES TOTAL OR IT WILL BE CANCELLED! Plants will only be refunded if damaged in shipment or dies in original pot it within 7 days after receiving. Once you transplant there will be no refund. Call me if you want tips on transplanting or growing.

Bali Pepper-(Capsicum annuum)-The Bali pepper is one of the most popular peppers in the Indonesian market. They are very prolific and produce early. The heat level of the Bali pepper is a low habanero level of heat. They are extremely sweet and fruity and when eaten fresh are crunchy! They ripen from green to red and get an average of 4 inches long and about as thick as an average cayenne. They are great in stir fry and salsas or even pickled! The Bali chile pepper plants grow up to 4 feet tall.


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