Biquinho Red 10+ Seeds


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Biquinho Red-(Capsicum chinense)-Also know as “Little Beak Peppers” resembling a pointy birds beak and “Sweety Drops” in Gourmet stores when sold pickled. The other name by locals is “Chupetinho” first discovered in the Amazon Jungles of Peru they are now marketed fresh and pickled throughout Brazil and Peru. The name Biquinho means “Little Kiss”. The Biquinho Red has a little more heat than the Yellow variant with less citrus fruity flavor tones. The heat level peaks at only a few thousand Scoville Units so they are below the average Jalapeno in heat. The traditional recipe for pickling is vinegar, salt, sugar and cachaca. Cachaca is an alcoholic spirit distilled from pure sugar cane juice unlike Rum which is distilled from molasses sugar. Cachaca used the be hard to find but can now be obtained from large liquor stores all over the world. The Biquinho Red chiles are just over an inch long and the plants are very productive. When not pickled they are great for making a fresh salsa, sauces or added into salads. The Biquinho Red chile plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall.