Bismarck Pepper Seeds


Bismarck Pepper Seeds

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Bismarck-(Capsicum chinense)- The Bismarck pepper is a superhot cross created by Master Grower Rocco Maltesi of Italy. It gets its name from largest German Battlehips ever built which were named after Chancellor Otto Van Bismarck of late 18th century Germany. The cross was made by combining the Skunk Red with the MA Wartryx. It produces exceptionally large bumpy mean looking peppers that get a scorpion shape mostly. The Bismarck chiles ripen from green to red and have a good deal of consistency. The heat level or burn rivals the other alleged world’s hottest peppers. If you can get past the heat it does have fruity flavor tones. The Bismarck chile plants are very productive and grow 3 to 4 feet tall. 10+ Seeds per packet.

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