Bonda Mahala Chile 10 Seeds


Bonda Mahala Chile Seeds

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Bonda Mahala-(Capsicum chinense)-.In 2012 grower Charles de Souza, in Virginia, sent grower Gary Montcalm of Louisiana f1 pods from a cross he had created, Bonda Ma Jacques x 7 Pot Yellow. He said that he would not grow it any more, and Gary was welcome to stabilize if he wished. So Gary enthusiastically obliged!!! In 2015 (f4) Charles said that he had done such a good job with it that I should give it a proper name…So Gary’s wife’s real name came to mind, and when he told her what “Bonda Ma Jacques” translates from in the Antillean Creole, and that chile heads around the world would be referring to her “bonda,” she thought about it for a while, decided she liked the idea and even suggested that I use one of her old publicity stills from her singing days! The Bonda Mahala chile has high habanero heat but a smooth burn and citrus tones. It resembles a larger wider Fatalii or Devil’s Tongue pepper but has thicker walls. The Bonda Mahala chile plants are very productive and can grow over 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.