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Brown Bhutlah Chile Seeds

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Brown Bhutlah-(Capsicum chinense)-The Brown Bhutlah was created by Peter Merle who is a long time grower who resides in the Canary Islands. He has been growing since 1967. It is also called the Brown Bhutlah SLP. It is a Bhut-7 Pot Douglah cross. Some compare it to another similar cross called the Chocolate Bhutlah. Understand that 10 people could make this cross and the end result could be ten different looking peppers!! The Chocolate Bhutlah is darker brown and larger. People who have tasted both say heat and flavor is very similar. Understand the reality is that you can only get so many flavor variations in these crosses because all these superhots are closely related. If you want to try a Bhutlah you will get plenty of burn from this one. The Brown Bhutlah chile plants grow between 3-4 feet tall.