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C3PO-(Capsicum chinense)-The C3PO Pepper is named after the Star Wars robot is the variant of a variant whose origin began with the Jigsaw cross that was created by Jukka of Finland. To explain it better first came the Moruga Scorpion cross (Jigsaw) about 5 years ago as of now 2017. Then over the last few years variants appeared from the Jigsaw. One was nicknamed the Vader Jigsaw. Which a grower named Michael named when he got a Chocolate type as the original Jigsaw was red. Seeds of the Vader were grown out by Illinois grower Mike Hess and he got a more consistent caramel maroon variant that resembles a large 7 Pot Primo. Also the flavor was sweeter in this variant and burn not as acidic. Heat level equivalent to a Moruga Scorpion. So Mike wanting to keep the Star Wars theme going named it the C3PO. The C3PO chile plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall.