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C3PO-(Capsicum chinense)-The C3PO Pepper is named after the Star Wars robot is the variant of a variant whose origin began with the Jigsaw cross that was created by Jukka of Finland. To explain it better first came the Moruga Scorpion cross (Jigsaw) about 5 years ago as of now 2017. Then over the last few years variants appeared from the Jigsaw. One was nicknamed the Vader Jigsaw. Which a grower named Michael named when he got a Chocolate type as the original Jigsaw was red. Seeds of the Vader were grown out by Illinois grower Mike Hess and he got a more consistent caramel maroon variant that resembles a large 7 Pot Primo. Also the flavor was sweeter in this variant and burn not as acidic. Heat level equivalent to a Moruga Scorpion. So Mike wanting to keep the Star Wars theme going named it the C3PO. Keep in mind that this is a young cross and therefore not stable. It will grow out with many variations many not looking like the original. The peppers pictured are the original peppers sent to us from Mike Hess. The C3PO chile plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall.