Calabrian Chile Plants


Calabrian Chile Plants

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Calabrian pepper-(Capsicum annuum)-Also known as Peperone piccante Calabrese or Satans Kiss and Devils Kiss. These small round peppers that resemble a cherry come from the South of Italy in the region of Calabria which is in the toe part of the boot shaped geographical area of Italy. These peppers are about an inch in diameter and ripen from green to dark red. In Italy they are often stuffed with cheeses or a mixture of tuna and seasoned bread crumbs. They are often pickled and sold in Italian grocery stores. They have a peppery flavor with slight fruity tones and are better used stuffed, pickled or in a dish than just eaten plain. The heat level is above 25,000 SHU so they are considered medium hot or compare close to a Cayenne heat level. The Calabrian chile plants grow to about 30 inches tall and are easy to grow.

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