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Carbonero Chile Seeds

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Carbonero-(Capsicum chinense)-The Carbonero also spelled Carbanero is the creation of grower Tony Sherwood from Pensacola, Florida. It also goes by the more descriptive name of Carbonero Orange. It started with a Bhut Carbon (thin skinned fatter Bhut Jolokia) crossed with a Yellow 7 Pot. Later the traditional Orange habanero was crossed into it. The result is a smaller Bhut Jolokia shaped pepper that is bright orange in color. The Carbonero flavor is fruity sweet and heat level is medium habanero level. As of 2016 some smaller sauce makers are experimenting with making sauces that feature the Orange Carbonero chile. As of 2017 this cross is about 4 to 5 years old so there will be variations in size and shape of pepper pods. The Carbanero chile plants grow just over 4 feet tall.