Carboruga Chile Plants


Carboruga Chile Plants

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ATTENTION YOUR ORDER MUST BE 6 OR MORE PLANTS ANY VARIETIES TOTAL OR IT WILL BE CANCELLED! Plants will only be refunded if damaged in shipment or dies in original pot it within 7 days after receiving. Once you transplant there will be no refund. Call me if you want tips on transplanting or growing.

Carboruga-(Capsicum chinense)-The Carboruga is a cross by grower Tony Sherwood of Florida. It is a cross between the fruity Bhut Carbon X Yellow 7 Pot he created and the Moruga Scorpion. The chile has some of the fruity sweet flavors of the original Cross but also the intense heat of the Moruga Scorpion. The Carboruga peppers are elongated and 3 to 4 inches in length. They resemble a Ghost pepper but most pods do not come to a point at the tip. The Carboruga chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.