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Cascabel Pepper seeds

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Cascabel-(Capsicum annuum)-Also know as Chile Bola which means Ball Pepper in Spanish. Cascabel means little bell or rattle because of the rattling sound the seeds make when the pepper is dried and shaken. The Cascabel peppers are just over an inch in diameter and ripen from green to dark red and turn brown red when dried. The skin is very thin and almost translucent in appearance when in it’s dried form. The heat level is close to an average jalapeno. The Cascabel pepper is grown in the Mexican states of Durango, Cohahuila, Jalisco, Guerrero and San Luis Potosi. The Cascabel chile is the prime ingredient in making a sauce for the dish Chilaquiles. It is also used for Tamales and Enchiladas. It has a slight fruitiness but also has nutty and earthy flavor tones. Lime and Cilantro compliment it. A great Salsa recipe is combining the peppers with tomatillos, salt and garlic. The Cascabel Chile plants grow to abut 30 inches tall.