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Chilhuacle Rojo Pepper seeds

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Chilhuacle Rojo-(Capsicum annuum)-The Chilhuacle Rojo Pepper comes to us fro Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is know for having many diverse chile varieties. In fact there are over 60 varieties grown in Oaxaca that are not grow anywhere else in Mexico! The Chilhuacle Rojo pepper is grown in the Canada valleys of Oaxaca. Traditionally it is dried and used in mole sauce type dishes. There are two other Chilhuacle types also the Negro (for smokey moles) and the Amarillo for citrus flavored mole sauces. Like other heirloom Mexican chiles they have a mile to medium heat depending on growing conditions. The Chilhuacle Rojo chiles vary in size and shape. Some have broad shoulders close to the stem and then the chile narrows down in size at the tip. Some peppers will be more round in shape. The size is close to an small tomato. The Chilhuacle Rojo chile plants produce peppers that ripen from green to red and average over 3 feet tall in height.