Chinese 5 Color Pepper 10+ Seeds


Chinese 5 Color Pepper Seeds

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Chinese 5 Color-(Capsicum annuum)-The origin of the Chinese 5 Color pepper is believed to be China. All Capsicum annuum types many years ago were brought by Portuguese traders to India and Asia. This is mainly grow as an Ornamental type pepper but it is not like other ornamentals that do not taste good. Like the Bolivian Rainbow and the Buena Mulata it is an ornamental type that as a nice sweet flavor with an earthy aftertaste. The Chinese 5 Color pepper averages about an inch in length and one half inch in width. They ripen from purple to many colors like red, orange, pink and sometimes cream. The cream color being the rarest. It is great for fresh salsa, salads and pickling. The Chinese 5 Color chile plants grow just 4 feet tall and produce over 100 peppers per plant on the average. The heat level is close to the heat of a Cayenne pepper.