Chocolate Bhutlah Chile Seeds


Chocolate Bhutlah SM Chile Seeds

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Chocolate Bhutlah-(Capsicum chinense)-This is the large Chocolate Bhutlah. Is it the same as the original? Which is called the Chocolate Bhutlah SM? Can I say for sure that it is? Can I say for sure that it isn’t? Answer is no. So my suggestion is grow it out and if you like our larger Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper then keep growing it. It does grow larger peppers than the Chocolate Bhutlah CS but not as many peppers. It’s flavor is very floral like Bhut Jolokias. It has intense heat but I would not say it is a candidate for the Worlds Hottest Pepper. It is crazy hot though! There are many people who claim to have the one and only Chocolate Bhutlah. Grow out all and decide for yourself which is best. The Chocolate Bhutlah chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.