Despair Pepper 10+ Seeds


Despair pepper seeds

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Despair-(Capsicum chinense)-As you bite into this pepper the heat starts right away and the first thing your tongue sense is a feeling of Despair! There is no turning back now as the heat comes building slowly as your throat and stomach anticipate more pain and the sense of Despair. You can cry out, you can moan but still all you will feel is Despair. Your at the bottom of the abyss now looking up the light slowly fading and you wonder does that corner grocery store still carry that extra soft toilet tissue?? You may need it tomorrow as your rectal muscles spasm in Despair!! Is their any hope?? Maybe a Reaper will cool things off?? Is the Despair pepper a record contender?? Who cares as you get carried away now in Despair you know it’s sure as hell a Pain Contender! You sure as shit don’t need Guinness to tell you that as you wallow in Despair!! Despair is a variant of the Wrecking Ball X 7 Pot Brown. Roundish like a Moruga but sometimes gets a long tail in the middle like a Reaper. Despair ripens from green to red. The Despair chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.