Dieghito Jalapeno Pepper Seeds


Dieghito Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

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Dieghito Jalapeno-(Capsicum annuum)-The Dieghito Jalapeno pepper comes to us from Italy. It is reported to be a cross between a Farmers Market Jalapeno and an unknown variety. Or the Italians just do not want us to know what that other variety is. As of 2020 it is said to be an F5 generation. The Dieghito Jalapeno chiles ripen from green to red with cracking lines or corking on its exterior skin. The peppers are unique as they have a heart or round shape to them. They are very juicy and heat ranges from mild to medium. The Dieghito Jalapeno peppers are great for roasting, stuffing, salsa and pickling. The flavor is Jalapeno but with more sweetness. The Dieghito Jalapeno chile plants grow up to 4 feet tall. 10+ Seeds

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