Dragons Breath Chile Plants


Dragons Breath Chile Plants

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Dragons Breath-(Capsicum chinense)-The Dragons Breath pepper is a real superhot pepper discovered by a UK grower who made claims that it was the world’s hottest. Some media articles hyped it by saying it was hot enough to kill you. So, the truth is that it is a variant of the 7 Pot Infinity pepper. It is also extremely hot and productive. The Dragon’s Breath chile is real but never scientifically proven to kill or be the world’s new hottest chile. People will use media hype and false information to capitalize and make money with this pepper. We at Refining Fire Chiles will not do this. It is a cool looking pepper to grow that sometimes gets a little tail like the Reaper. The Dragon’s Breath Chile ripens from green to red and has a very bumpy spiky skin texture. It is very hot. If you want to believe in all the hype that is your choice! If you want to grow another cool superhot try it! It has floral fruity flavor tones and plenty of heat. The Dragon’s Breath chile plants average 4 feet tall.

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