Elephant Ears Pepper Plants


Elephant Ears Pepper Plants

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ATTENTION YOUR ORDER MUST BE 6 OR MORE PLANTS ANY VARIETIES TOTAL OR IT WILL BE CANCELLED! Plants will only be refunded if damaged in shipment or dies in original pot it within 7 days after receiving. Once you transplant there will be no refund. Call me if you want tips on transplanting or growing.

Elephant Ears-(Capsicum annuum)-The Elephant Ears is a rare large sweet Paprika type from Serbia and Croatia. It gets it’s name from because the peppers flatten to a shape resembling an ear. It is also called Slonovo Uvo. In Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia these peppers are roasted, stuffed and used to make sauces and condiments. In Serbia and Croatia it is famous for making a pepper preserve called Ajvar. Other peppers can be used to make Ajvar but the preferred pepper is Elephant Ears. It takes a few days to make but is worth the effort! The Elephant Ears chile plants produces peppers over 6 inches in length and over 4 inches wide. The fruits ripen from green to red. The Elephant Ears chile plants can grow up to 3 feet tall.

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