Fish Pepper Orange Chile Seeds


Fish Pepper Orange Chile Seeds

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Fish Pepper Orange-(Capsicum annuum)-The Fish pepper Orange chile is an orange variant cultivated by Italian growers, one of them named Nicola Pit. They ripen from green to light orange with some striping on the chile like the original red one. My seeds were obtained from grower Jes Christiensen of Denmark. The leaves also are white variegated like the original. The heat level is medium hot, and the flavor has some citrus fruity tones. The Fish Pepper orange chile is not completely stable so expect some variations to occur. It might even go red. We have selected seeds only from the most consistent plants and peppers.  The Fish Pepper Orange plants grow just over 2 feet tall and are very productive. The chiles can be used for cooking, sauces, salsa and seasoning powders.

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