Giant White Scorpion Pepper


Giant White Scorpion Pepper

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Giant White Scorpion-(Capsicum chinense)-The Giant White Scorpion pepper is a cross of unknown origin from Master grower Tom Kleinfelter of Pennsylvania, United States. He had been working on a large Scorpion for awhile and believes White Bhut Jolokia JW crossed into it. The peppers are huge and mean looking. They like other white types will mostly be yellowish white with some pods getting a more solid white. This variation in color will be affected by growing conditions. They heat and burn level is hotter than most peach or white types. The flavor has citrus tones. The peppers get big enough sometimes covering the palm of an average size hand. The production is above average. The Giant White Scorpion chile plants grow over 4 feet tall. 10+ seeds

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