Grenada Seasoning Plants


Grenada Seasoning Pepper Plants

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Plants will only be refunded if damaged in shipment or dies in original pot it within 7 days after receiving. Once you transplant there will be no refund. Call me if you want tips on transplanting or growing.

Grenada Seasoning-(Capsicum chinense)-If you want a pepper from the habanero family that has the best flavor a habanero can offer but only a fraction of the heat than this is the one. The Grenada seasoning pepper is so versatile and delicious that it is exported to other islands in the Caribbean! It has a sweet fruity flavor with nice citrus tones. It is used mainly as a cooking pepper in Grenada but make a great addition to a fresh salsa and would stand on it’s own as a pepper sauce. The Grenada Seasoning pepper is very productive and produces peppers about 12 grams in weight. The Grenada Seasoning Chile plants grow up to 4 feet tall.