Gros Islet Scotch Bonnet Pepper Seeds


Gros Islet Scotch Bonnet Pepper Seeds

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Gros Islet Scotch Bonnet-(Capsicum chinense)-The Gros Islet Scotch Bonnet pepper comes to us from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. It is completely different than the St. Lucia Scotch Bonnet. The St. Lucia Bonnet is more box shaped and orange in color. The Gros Islet is more round pumpkin shaped with more of a yellow coloration. St. Lucia is a large island with volcanic mountains so it is very possible to have many species isolated and different from one another. The Gros Islet Scotch Bonnet Peppers have a nice fruity citrus Scotch Bonnet flavor and are slightly larger than a golfball in size. The Gros Islet Scotch Bonnet Chile plants grow over 4 feet tall and are very productive. Great for seasonings, sauces and salsa! 10+ Seeds

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