Habanero De Arbol Pepper 10+ Seeds


Habanero De Arbol Pepper Seeds

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Habanero de Arbol-(Capsicum annuum)-The Habanero de Arbol Pepper is nicknamed the tree pepper because it can get over 6 feet tall. For some reason it does not respond well to pruning like some do with large plants. So it’s best to just let it grow! It produces an abundance of peppers that at first grow pointing up like the variety named Chile de Arbol. But as they ripen and get heavier the peppers will sag down. The Habanero de Arbol peppers resemble bright orange candle flames. They ripen from green to yellow and finally orange. They take about 100 days from transplant to produce ripe fruit but explode with peppers after that. The heat level is equal to the average habanero between 100,000 to 250,000 SHU. The flavor is citrus fruity. Make sure you give the Habanero de Arbol chile plant lots of space because it will get big!