Habanero Tabaquite Pepper 10+ Seeds


Habanero Tabaquite Pepper Seeds

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Habanero Tabaquite-(Capsicum chinense)-When we focus on peppers from the beautiful Islands of Trinidad and Tobago we think of the superhots like Scorpions and 7 Pots. But there are peppers that have less heat and great flavor that are not as well known, The Habanero Tabaquite pepper is one of those peppers. It has a great citrus fruity taste and plenty of habanero heat. The Habanero Tabaquite peppers are over 2 inches in length and over an inch wide. They ripen from green to a bright yellow. The outer flesh has many folds or large wrinkles which is similar to some Scotch Bonnet types of the Caribbean. If your looking for a productive large habanero to make some sauce or salsa this will not disappoint you! The Habanero Tabaquite chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.