Harold St. Barts Pepper 10+ Seeds


Harold St. Barts Pepper Seeds

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Harold St. Barts-(Capsicum chinense)-St. Barts is abbreviated name of Saint Barthelemy and is an Island in the Caribbean southeast of Puerto Rico and a short ferry ride east of neighboring St. Martin. The Harold St. Barts pepper is named after the man who brought attention to it Harold Langlois and of course the island it comes from St. Barts. The Harold St Barts peppers ripen from green to yellow and yellow orange if overripe. They average abiut two inches in length and an inch wide with wrinkles in the folds on the skin like some Scotch Bonnet types. But the Harld St. Barts pepper can also grow large pods that will fill up the palm of your hand depending on growing conditions. They have a fruity flavor with a hint of smokiness and a re gret for fresh salsa, hot sauce, cooking sauces and pickling. The Harold St. Barts chile plants grow over 4 feet tall and are very productive. The heat level is medium habanero heat 150,000 to 250,000 SHU.