Lumbre XX Hot Hatch Type Chile 10 Seeds


Hatch Lumbre Chile Seeds

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Hatch Lumbre-(Capsicum annuum)-The Lumbre is also called Hatch Double X Hot. It was developed in the Mesilla valley of New Mexico by Jim Lytle Jr. son of the famous Jim Lytle who the popular Big Jim chile was named after. These are considered the hottest of the hatch type chiles measured as high as 10,000 SHU on the heat scale. Twice as hot as most other Hatch types. The chiles are not as large as other New Mexico types usually averaging about 5 to 6 inches in length. But they are still very productive. They might not be the ideal pepper for making Chile Rellenos but if you want a Hatch Chile type with more heat than this is the chile for you to grow in your garden!! The Hatch Lumbre chile plants grow just under 3 feet tall. NOTE:Chiles or products made with chiles cannot be labelled as Hatch unless they are grown in the Hatch Valley. These seeds were obtained from a grower in that region.