Hatch Rattlesnake Pepper Seeds


Hatch Rattlesnake Pepper Seeds

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Rattlesnake-(Capsicum annuum)-The Rattlesnake Pepper was developed by the Lytle family of New Mexico. They are the descendants of Jim Lytle creator of the Big Jim. This is an extremely hot Hatch chile type that is hot but not quite as hot as the Hatch Lumbre. So, heat a about twice the heat level of a Jalapeno but not four times as hot as the Lumbre. The Rattlesnake chile produces chiles 6 to 8 inches in length. The Lytle family says it is the best producer of all spicy Hatch types they grow! It is great for roasting, stuffing, sauces and salsa! So, if you like Hatch flavor and want some heat it is worth trying! The Rattlesnake chile plants grow just over 4 feet tall. 10+ seeds

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