Hidalgo Pepper 10+ Seeds


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Hidalgo-(Capsicum annuum)-Hidalgo is a State in Mexico just north of Mexico City in the central region of Mexico. It is know for it’s architecture and close proximity to the ancient ruins of Tula. Tula was once part of the ancient Toltec empire which worshipped the Serpent God of Quetzalcoatl. It is also one of earliest regions of chile pepper cultivation. Evidence found by researchers in Archaeology show they grew chiles among their other crops.

Hidalgo is reported to be the home of the original Serrano pepper th at is now grown throughout Mexico. The Hidalgo Serrano is very productive and has nice fruity tones when fully ripened red. Like other Serranos it has a quick heat that fades fast. Ideal to use in sauces when red or green. The Hidalgo Serrano chile plants grow over 4 feet tall and will need to be staked. The Hidalgo Serrano peppers average about a quarter inch in width and two inches in length.