Himo Togarashi Pepper Seeds


Himo Togarashi Pepper Seeds

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Himo Togarashi-(Capsicum annuum)-The Himo Togarashi pepper is considered a specialty pepper used in traditional Japanese cuisine in the Nara prefecture region of Japan for centuries. It has been given the designation there as Yamato dento yasai, which means “a special traditional vegetable”. Given the name “Himo” (strings in Japanese) because the chiles hang down from the plant looking like a bunch of strings. It is used in stir fry type dishes, soups, stews and salads. The stringy looking chiles can get up to 6 inches long and a quarter of an inch wide. They ripen from green to red and have no heat. The Himo Togarashi chile is sweet and crunchy in texture when picked fresh at its green stage. When they ripen red the flavor changes little, but the sweetness does increase. The Himo Togarashi chile plants grow 2-3 feet tall and are very productive.


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