Jalapeno Chernobyl Chile Plants


Jalapeno Chernobyl Chile Plants

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Jalapeno Chernobyl-(Jalapeno Chernobyl)-The Jalapeno Chernobyl pepper is an unknown Jalapeno pepper cross created by unknown Italian growers. With so many people making pepper crosses sometimes people like my friends Jes from Denmark do not remember who gave them what seeds! The Jalapeno Chernobyl chile is huge and get over 3 inches in width and more than a foot long! It does not have any Jalapeno taste instead it tastes more like a sweet pepper and has little or no heat. It has very thick flesh and produces well so the plants will need to be staked to support the weight of all the fruits. The Jalapeno Chernobyl chiles are great for roasting, stuffing, sauces, salsa, salads, and pickling. The Jalapeno Chernobyl chile plants grow 3 to 4 feet tall.


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