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Jimmy Nardello Pepper Seeds

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Jimmy Nardello-(Capsicum annuum)-The Jimmy Nardello pepper comes from the town of Ruoti which lies in the Basilicata region of Italy. The Nardello family emigrated to American in 1887 bringing with them seeds of this pepper and other native vegetables from their garden. Guiseppe and Angela Nardello and their 11 children settled in Naugituck, Connecticuit and it was there that their fourth oldest son Jimmy took more to gardening and growing these peppers year after year. Which is why this pepper was named after him. He donated seeds to many people before his death which is why we have this pepper today. The Jimmy Nardello is a sweet pepper that averages about six inches in length and just under an inch in width. It has been known to grow on occasions as long as 10 inches. It ripens from green to red and has slight wrinkles in it’s flesh. The Jimmy Nardello Pepper is used for dried seasoning, salads, roasting, frying, pickling and sauces. But not used for salsa traditionally it would perk up the sweetness in a fresh salsa! The Jimmy Nardello chile plants grow just over two feet tall and are super productive!