Lesya Pepper Seeds


Lesya Pepper Seeds

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Lesya-(Capsicum annuum)-The Leysa pepper boasts to be one of the sweetest peppers in the world. It is a cultivated variety from the Ukraine. Now included in the agricultural registry of vegetables of the Ukraine. It was developed by the Bilous family homestead in the Prysluch village in early 2000’s. Nadiya Filimonivna Bilous bred this pepper for almost 9 years until it repeated the desired maternal traits. They ripen from green to dark red on bushy, compact very productive plants. The Leysa chile is heat shaped but narrows to a fine point at the lower end. The flesh is very thick and juicy, and you can munch one right off the vine! The Leysa peppers are great for roasting, salads, stuffing, salads, pickling and sauces. The Lesya chile plants are very productive and grow just over 2 feet tall. 10+ Seeds

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