Madame Jeanette Chile Plants


Madame Jeanette Chile Plants

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Madame Jeanette-(Capsicum chinense)-The Madame Jeanette peppers comes to us from the country of Suriname located in the northern region of South America. It is bordered by Guyana to the west, French Guiana to the east and Brazil to the south. North of Suriname is the Caribbean Sea and the Islands of Trinidad and Barbados. It is the home to the historical large wood cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul Basilica which was consecrated in 1885. The Madame Jeanette chiles have a twisty shape to them with ribbing folds like some Caribbean habanero types. The width and length vary with each pepper, but they can average close to an inch wide and over 2 inches long. The Madame Jeanette chiles ripen from green to yellow and have citrus floral flavor tones with some degree of sweetness. The heat level is close to a medium habanero level. The Madame Jeanette chile plants 2 to 3 feet tall and are very productive.

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