Mako Akokosrade Pepper Seeds


Mako Akokosrade Pepper Seeds

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Mako Akokosrade-(Capsicum chinense)-The Mako Akokosrade pepper comes to us courtesy of Joe Delaney. Joe Delaney is a research scientist that enjoys world travel. He enjoys collecting seeds of fruits and vegetables from his travels and experiencing the different cultures and cuisines. He obtained seeds of the Mako Akokosrade from a local farmer on the outskirts of a city named Koforidua. Koforidua is in the eastern region of Ghana. The Mako Akokosrade chiles is widely used throughout all of Ghana. It is considered an all-purpose pepper used in traditional soups, stews and a seasoning for meat kebabs. The name literally translates to “chicken fat pepper” because its yellow color is the same as the local chicken fat used in Ghana cooking. The Mako Akokosrade chiles have a medium habanero heat level with fruity tones. I would say that it is not just fruity because it has much depth to its flavor. The peppers are about quarter in width by two inches long. They have a similar shape to an Aji Lemon but have a slight twisting and wrinkling on the outer skin. The Mako Akokosrade chile plants can grow over 4 feet tall.

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