Maldivian Lemon Chile Plants


Maldivian Lemon Chile Plants

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Maldivian Lemon-(Capsicum chinense)-The Maldivian Lemon pepper is an off-variant type that came from the Maldivian Heart which originates from the Maldives. The Maldives are Islands in the Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka and have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Off type means it does not resemble the original. Since Scotch Bonnets are grown in the Maldive Islands as well it is possible that their DNA got into the reds from accidental cross breeding. The Maldivian Lemon chile is the largest Yellow or Orange habanero type I have ever seen. Normally when plants produce giant pods they make less peppers. But not in this case because its extremely productive. The chiles can get big enough to fill up the palm of your hand. They ripen from green to yellow but will get yellowish orange if too ripe. The heat level is mid habanero, and the flavor notes are citrus fruity. The Maldivian Lemon Chile plants can grow over 5 feet tall and may require staking.

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