Mayan Cobanero Pepper Seeds


Mayan Cobanero Pepper Seeds

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Mayan Cobanero-(Capsicum annuum)-Mayan Cobanero pepper also called “Cobanero pepper” or “Mayan Cobanero Love” is a chile that comes to us from the highlands of Guatemala and has been grown in that region as far back as 250 AD. Named after the City of Coban which is famous for its rich coffee! The inch long dark red peppers grow upright like a Pequin type and have a smokey fruity flavor. The heat level varies from 20,000 to 50,000 Scoville heat units depending on growing conditions. It is used traditionally in the ancient Mayan Turkey stew Kak’Ik along with tomatoes and achiote. The flavors of this chile are enhanced by smoking which the locals do before exporting to spice and food companies abroad. It has become quite popular with renowned Chefs all over the world and fetches a premium price on the spice market! Used also for seasoning roasted meats, soups, stews, salsa and sauces. It is very productive so you may wish to save some by drying for future use during off season. 10+ Seeds

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