MOA Madame Pepper Seeds


MOA Madame Pepper Seeds

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MOA-Madame-(Capsicum chinense)-The MOA Madame pepper is a cross between the MOA Scotch Bonnet from Jamaica and the Madame Jeanette from Suriname, South America. My seeds were procured from grower and photographer Sandra Tipton of Indiana. She got them from a grower named Garth Davis who is active on THP (The Hot Pepper Forum online). The MOA Madame chiles are elongated pendant pods that ripen from green to yellow. They sometimes get a wrinkled somewhat bumpy skin texture. They are very prolific, and the flavor is fruity citrus. They are great for sauces, seasoning powder and salsa. The MOA Madame chile plants grow over 4 feet tall. 10+ Seeds


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