MRM x 7 Pot Brown Peachy 10 Seeds


Peachy Hot Chile Seeds

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MRM x 7 Pot Brown Peachy-(Capsicum chinense)-This is a cross created by Wisconsin grower Chad Soleski who created the Original Bhutlah. We put the Red variant in the category we call Reaper Killer because it packs more of a burn than any Reaper. However this is the surprise Peach variant of 2016. It is very fruity and probably the hottest Peach superhot known to man. It produces large Peach pods bigger than a golfball. The MRM stands for a pepper shared with people years ago called Moruga Red Monster. The 7 Pot Brown is a large insanely hot Brown colored 7 Pot. The MRM 7 Pot Brown Peachy Chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.