Murupi Amarela


Murupi Amarela Pepper 10 Seeds

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Murupi Amarela Peppers

A very productive variety from the northern regions of Brazil. Often dried into powders or used in traditional sauces. The peppers get a few inches long almost 3/8 inch thick. They are wrinkled and distorted and ripen to a creamy white color. If left on the plant too long they will get a little more yellow in pigment.

The plants are great producers. The heat is as hot as any habanero so don’t let the mild look fool you. The Murupi Amarela Chile plants can get up to three feet tall.

At Refining Fire Chiles we isolate our seed production plants to avoid cross-pollination with other chile species. If you want to grow your own chiles, you can purchase seeds right here, or full plants (April-July) and have fresh chiles by September.

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