Nu Mex Heritage 6-4 Chile 10 Seeds


Nu Mex Heritage 6-4 Pepper Seeds

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Nu Mex Heritage 6-4-(Capsicum annuum)-In 1950 Dr. Roy Harper released New Mexico 6. In 1957 improvements were made which resulted in a pepper with less heat and more flavor called New Mexico 6-4. Over time varieties can lose some of their characteristics. There are many reasons for this. So in 1998 Dr. Paul Bosland went about growing seeds that were stored in a frozen seed bank many years ago in an effort to bring back the original characteristics of Nu Mex 6-4. Finally after years of growing, taste testing, studies and plant selection they released the Nu Mex Heritage 6-4. Not only did this mild Hatch type capture the flavor of the orginal but was discovered to have 5 times more flavor compounds than the orginal one that was in commercial chile production! The Nu Mex Heritage 6-4 can be roasted, stuffed, fresh salsa, soups and green chile sauce! The thick walled peppers are 6 to 8 inches long and over an inch in width. The Nu Mex Hertiage 6-4 chile plants are very productive and grow up to 30 inches tall.